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At TopGunsTrading. our primary goal is to help our visitors and subscribers to be more successful investors. We strive to make trading and investing easier for our visitors and subscribers by bringing professional investing and trading techniques to TGT.

Toward this end, we have developed a strong line-up of subscription services for a wide range of investors. For active traders, we offer The Top Guns Trader Service and the Top Guns Focus List of trading Ideas. For traders that are more conservative, we offer the Dividend Trader, which is truly a unique way to invest and not found anywhere else. Then for longer-term investors, we provide the Top Gun Stock Portfolio, four Retirement Portfolios, our Dividend Investor Portfolio, and the Smart Sector ETF Portfolio.

However, we recognize that one the best ways we can encourage new visitors to consider our paid services is provide helpful investment analysis. So with the goal of impressing visitors with our know-how and experience in mind, we provide a series of FREE Top Gun Reports designed to provide insights to the markets, managing risk, selecting Top Gun stocks and sectors, identifying leaders around the world, market models, as well as trading and market-management strategies.

For starters, be sure to check out our Daily State of the Markets report which is easily accessible on the home page and is free for all to see. The report is definitely NOT the typical rehash of the news and is penned by 18-year market professional and TGT Co-Founder David D. Moenning. (And while Dave admits to NOT being a professional broadcaster, at the request of members, he provides an audio version of the report to facilitate multi-tasking while being kept up to speed on the State of the Markets.)

Feel free to check out TopGunsTrading. exclusive FREE Reports including:

In addition, we've developed a state-of-the-art Market Data Center, which provides members and visitors alike with nifty interactive charts, intra day market updates, and a boatload of key company data.

The only thing we ask is that you register with the site when accessing any of our Free Services and agree the "terms of use" (we had to keep the lawyers happy somehow!)

So please feel free to use any of our Free Services as often and for as long as you'd like. We're glad you're here!

Finally, please know that we are here to help. So if you ever have any questions, comments or ideas, please don't ever hesitate to contact me directly!

Wishing you all the best in your investing endeavors,

The Team at TopGunsTrading.