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Each business day, we search our database for a brand new Top Gun stock pick that are flying higher. In short, these stocks are among the best of the best -- the top rated stocks in the best performing industries.

At Top Guns Trading, our philosophy is to "own the best and ignore the rest." Thus, in all of our trading and portfolio services, we focus our attention on the "Top Guns" of the market.

We employ this approach for a few simple reasons. The Top Guns have the best earnings strength. The Top Guns have strong fundamentals. The Top Guns are also in the top ranked industry groups. And most importantly, the Top Guns put the odds in your favor before you even make a trade. So ask yourself a serious question: Why would you buy just any company when you can own a Top Gun?

In our daily report, we provide a new Top Guns Stock that has met all of our criteria and appears poised to fly higher. These stocks may or may not be in our portfolios, but they ARE on our radar, and are more than likely in our Top Guns Focus List Service this week. And as such, these stocks may be purchased at any time by any of our services.

You may be wondering, why are we giving away FREE Top Gun stock picks? In short, we are confident that once you discover the power of Top Gun stocks, you will want to learn more about our services -- it's that simple. So without further discussion let's get to it.

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