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Every week the computers scour a proprietary universe of more than 1500 of the biggest, most liquid stocks traded in the United States looking for the Top Guns. But for this report, we are looking only for "the best of the best" -- those stocks rated 10.0 out of 10.0.

At, we focus our attention on the "Top Guns" of the market's the top rated stocks in the top ranked industry groups. Each week every stock in our universe is rated in terms of earnings strength, earnings momentum, and company performance. In addition, the system ranks more than 100 Industry Sectors for performance and momentum. Only the top ranked stocks within the top ranked industries "make it" into the Top Gun category.

As a brief introduction to our philosophy, we focus on the Top Guns for a few simple reasons. The Top Guns have the best earnings strength. The Top Guns have strong fundamentals. The Top Guns are also in the top ranked industry groups. So from our perspective, the Top Guns put the odds in your favor before you ever enter a trade. So why would anyone trade anything else?

This Week's "10.0" Stocks

Our 10.0 Report provides our visitors with details on Top Gun stocks that have earned the highest ratings and are also in this week's top rated industry groups.

You may be wondering, why would we include the "10.0 Report" in our FREE Services? As we state in the introduction to our philosophy (found in the About Us section) our primary goal at TGT is be as helpful as we can to both our visitors and paying members. But to be clear, our free report is not a comprehensive listing of ALL the Top Guns that are rated 10.0. Think of the "10.0" Report as a "sampler" of this week's elite Top Guns.

We are confident that once you discover the power of Top Gun stocks, you will want to learn more about our services. Thus, the idea is to provide you with a sampling of the Top Guns each week. By reviewing the report on a weekly basis, we believe you will see the consistent strength of the Top Guns on your own time. No pressure. No strings. Just solid stocks available for your review.

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