TGT 100 Portfolio - October 19, 2015

By DB Moenning
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The TGT 100 Portfolio brings together the market's top rated stocks from each of the 10 industry sectors. However, instead of focusing on the biggest companies, as the S&P 500 does, the TGT 100 includes only the best stocks (i.e. the "Top Guns") from each sector.

While inclusion in the S&P 500 is based on the size of a company alone, the TGT 100 Portfolio focuses on those companies that have displayed the key ingredients for success. The qualities necessary for consideration in the TGT 100 include (but are definitely not limited to) strong earnings growth and company out-performance compared to its peers.

For more information on how we identify and locate Top Gun Stocks, be sure to review our special report What Is A Top Gun Stock?

The TGT 100 Portfolio
October 19, 2015

Technology Sector

Energy Sector

Health Care Sector

Financial Sector

Consumer Staples Sector

Industrials Sector

Consumer Discretionary Sector

Telecom Sector

Utilities Sector

Materials Sector

At the time of publication the editor and/or affiliated companies own the following positions: GPN, MANH, SSNC, MOH, STZ, POST, VGR, ALGT, NFLX

Note: Positions may be bought or sold while this publication is in circulation without notice.

About the
TGT 100 Portfolio

This is NOT one of those "set it and forget it" type of portfolios. No, in short, our market pros don't believe in this approach. Instead, our editors insist that any portfolio they put their name on must "adapt" to the changing market landscape. Therefore, in keeping with TopGunsTrading's overriding philosophy of "focus on the leaders," the TGT 100 will hold only the top performing stocks.

This approach will force the portfolio to "own the best and ignore the rest" in terms of stock selection and to continuously "focus on the leaders" in terms of asset allocation.

Ask yourself a few simple questions. First, why would you want to own a stock that isn't one of the market's leaders? Next, does the size of a company really matter? And finally, doesn't it make sense to own the market's top rated stocks?

The strategy for stock selection at is designed to identify the top ranked stocks within the top performing industry sectors. Each week every stock in our universe is ranked in terms of earnings strength, earnings momentum, and company performance. In addition, the system ranks more than 100 Industry Sectors for performance and momentum. Only the top ranked stocks within the top ranked industries are eligible for selection.

The Top Guns have the best earnings strength. The Top Guns are in the Top Ranked industry groups. The Top Guns have strong fundamentals. The Top Guns also have great technical set-ups. From our perspective, the Top Guns put the odds in your favor before you even make a trade. So why would anyone want to own anything else?

Best of luck today and as always... "May the Bulls be with you!"

David D. Moenning
Editor: Top Guns Focus List

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