Daily Top Gun Stock Pick - WTR - 7.18.16

By DB Moenning

Every trading day, we search our database for a brand new Top Gun stock pick that, in our humble opinion, is poised to fly higher.

Our trading philosophy is based on the concept of "own the best and ignore the rest." Thus, we focus our attention solely on the Top Guns of the market -- the top ranked stocks in the strongest industry groups.

How Do We Find the"Top Guns?"

A question we are constantly asked is: How do we find these top gun stocks? Cutting straight to the chase; we follow a disciplined three-step process.

Step 1: Identify the Top Industry Groups
We first determine the market's leadership by identifying the top performing industry groups. From 100 Industry Groups, our proprietary ranking systems (which has been designed in conjunction with the nation's leading independent research firm) identify the top 20 groups based on Group Strength, Momentum and indicators that are specific to the industry being ranked.

Step 2: Isolate the Highest Ranked Companies
From more than 1500 stocks, the system identifies the top 5% in terms of earnings strength, earnings momentum, company performance, and relative strength.

Step 3: Select the Strongest Stocks in the Top Industry Groups
We then merge the two rankings and select the top ranked companies that are in the top Industry Groups. This keeps the portfolio concentrated in the best performing stocks in the leading sectors of the market.

And then every weekend, we rerun the Top Gun ratings and start all over again!

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*** Today's Top Gun Stock Pick ***

The Top Gun Stock Pick listed below has met all of our fundamental criteria and currently displays a solid technical "set up" for a trade. The stocks highlighted in our daily Stock Pick reports are definitely on our radar, and may even be in some of our portfolios (see disclosure for details).

Stock Symbol Industry Rating YTD % Gain Stop Loss
Aqua America Inc WTR Water Utilities 9.6 +14.19% $33.22

Company Profile:

Aqua America, Inc. is a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides water or wastewater services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana and Virginia, among others. It is the holding company for its subsidiary, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. Its market-based activities are conducted through Aqua Resources Inc. and Aqua Infrastructure, LLC. Aqua Resources Inc. provides water and wastewater service through operating and maintenance contracts with municipal authorities and other parties in close proximity to its utility companies' service territories; offers, through a third party, water and wastewater line repair service and protection solutions to households; inspects, cleans and repairs storm and sanitary wastewater lines; designs and builds water and wastewater systems, and provides other market-based water and wastewater services. Its subsidiary, Aqua Infrastructure LLC, provides non-utility raw water supply services for firms in the natural gas drilling industry.

Stock Rating:
The Stock Rating indicates the combined score of our proprietary Earning Strength and Company Performance models. The rating scale is 0 - 10 with 10 being the highest.

At the time of publication the editor and affiliated companies own the following positions: None

Note: Positions may be bought or sold while this publication is in circulation without notice.

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