Do Top Gun Ratings Really Matter?
We Certainly Think So... History Shows
Stocks Rated 9.0 - 10.0: +32.9% per year
Stocks Rated 0.0 - 1.0: -6.6% per year

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Top Gun Trader Blogs

Dave M's Blog:
Indicator Review: The Trend is Your Friend, But...
With the S&P 500 having traded above its short-term moving average for 15 days now, the trend is clearly a friend to the bulls. However, the action in the bond market...
Rich's Blog:
It's a New Bull Market
Don't look now fans, but it looks like we've got a new bull market on our hands. While there are still lots of reasons to fret, the objective indicators suggest that the stock market is about to get fun again...

Top Gun Trading Services

The Top Guns Trader
One Stock Trade... Once a Day... Every Day. Our flagship service for active traders provides real-time trade alerts in the market's top rated stocks.
More than 60% Winning Trades
The Dividend Trader
Our proprietary trading strategy focuses on Top Gun Stocks that pay handsome dividends. To put it simply, our objective is to "capture" (via trading techniques) the value of a company's upcoming dividend.
Trading Record: 239 Winning Trades - 3 Losses

News, Market Analysis & TGT Reports

Daily Top Gun Stock Pick - PNY - 9.27.16
PNY is Tuesday's Daily Top Gun Stock Pick and sits in a good position to buy...
The Risk Manager Report - 3/23/16
Keep the trend of the market in perspective with Wednesday's Risk Manager Report...
TGT 100 Portfolio - October 26, 2015
How many Top Guns do you own? Find out with Monday's TGT 100 Portfolio Update...
The Best of the Best Report - 12.28.14
Each week the computers scour our universe for the true "best of breed." This week...

Top Gun Portfolios

The "Fab 5" Portfolio
The Fab-5 takes the concept of "own the best and ignore the rest" to a new level. We strive to own just one of the top rated stocks in each of the top 5 performing industry groups. This means the portfolio is focused on the top rated stocks in the top rated industry groups. But we don't stop there, because the Fab-5 also has a risk management strategy built into the portfolio. The plan is working as the Fab 5 is up since the Credit Crisis began while the S&P 500 is down.
The Fab-5 is up +120.96% since 2006 (S&P -0.74%)
The "Go Anywhere" ETF Portfolio
An ETF portfolio designed to literally "go anywhere" to pursue performance. Unlike so many so-called global portfolios, this one has no predetermined allocation to countries, regions, or even asset classes! We can own stocks, bonds, gold, emerging markets, currencies, commodities, or anything else that is "working" in the markets - all via easy-to-use ETF's. And speaking of easy to use, the Go Anywhere ETF service only requires about 10 minutes a week to follow!
Performance: +1,253 % since 1996 (S&P +104%)

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