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QE Is Slip Sliding Away
By Rich - 10/4/2011
Big Ben is hurting

No Easy Fixes?
By Dave M - 10/4/2011
Although the comparisons to 2008 continue unabated, it is our view that the current market is very different that the Credit Crisis Bear. This time around, there are two massive problems and no easy fixes...

Committing To New Lows In October?
By Rich - 10/3/2011
Germany tells Europe, no more money for you - what does it mean for your portfolio?

Fun Facts To Know and Tell
By Dave M - 10/3/2011
With a sea of red ink in the global stock markets this morning and the U.S. indices flirting with the lows of the now 7-week old trading range, there are several key questions facing investors this morning, including...

What's Scarier Than Halloween in October?
By Rich - 9/30/2011
a scary October ahead?

Wall Street's Mean Streak
By Dave M - 9/30/2011
As I have mentioned a time or twenty, I have a compulsive need to understand the driving forces behind big(ish) moves in the stock market. Nine times out of ten it is fairly easy to connect the dots and identify the catalyst for a meaningful move.

Joe DiMaggio - Where Did You Go?
By Rich - 9/29/2011
The streak finally dies?

It's a Confidence Thing
By Dave M - 9/29/2011
The current up-and-down market is all about confidence. Each and every day traders express their confidence in the European debt situation as well as the global macroeconomic outlook via how they position their accounts...

Is The Limp Yo-Yo Ready To Fall Down The Stairs?
By Rich - 9/28/2011
waiting for the word to come

Slowdown? What Slowdown?
By Dave M - 9/28/2011
For the past two weeks, the stock market's movements could be tied to the outlook for the global economy. First, things were better than expected and then, they weren't. But now, stocks only care about...